Friday, June 22, 2012

Howdy Ya'll!

I am extremely jealous of everyone who has an iPhone.  I want one so badly, but I still have a few months to wait before I can get one.  My friend has one and is obsessed with Instagram.  I would be too... If I had it on my Droid!  So to hold me over I've been playing with different camera features on my Droid.  Here are some snapshots of me getting ready for different things on different nights.  Haha I know, interesting right?  Sorry, I've been really busy this week packing!  I will have some more interesting posts soon because I have a trip coming up!  Tomorrow I am headed to Dallas!  I've never been to Dallas, but I hear it's fun.  I'm going to visit my long time friend who is currently staying there for a few weeks for work.  I CAN'T WAIT!

Talk to you soon from Texas!

Art Takes Times Square!

This past Monday (June 18th) was the Art Takes Times Square exhibition!  It was amazing to see everyone's artwork on gigantic billboards in Times Square, New York City!  There was a brass band playing, artists illustrating canvas tote bags (which I took a particular interest in for obvious reasons) and much more!  Here are a few snapshots from the exhibition and a few as we walked the length of Times Square, sat on the red steps with the lights in them (which I still don't ever remember seeing before haha), and sipped a fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice.

(Sidebar: I definitely prefer Maui Wowi's smoothies.  Get a strawberry banana one and you'll fall over from amazement and disbelief at how delicious it is.  I promise.)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello Weekend!

Finally the rain has cleared and it's gorgeous outside today!  It really is summer already, isn't it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Big Convention has an upcoming gig on Saturday night at Blue Moon Cafe in Wyckoff, so stay tuned for some more band photos.  It's Ashley's last night with the band before she goes on tour!  Come out and celebrate with us!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don't Be A Dud

When you feel blue, wear red!

I've been feeling blue lately, so I'm going to do just that.  Red is one of my favorite colors and whenever I wear red it makes me feel good.  Strong.  I'm going to wear a lot more red this summer... starting with these red shorts by RSQ.  Or maybe I'll go fancy and try this sateen version by Celebrity Pink.  :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Ring With Signet - ficance!

I've been dreaming about this ring for a long time.  My mother had one.  Hers was gold, with a thin delicate band, and elongated plate with her scripted initials engraved on it.  The elongated plate had the most delicate gold design laced around it.  It was elegant and feminine.  A signet ring is a classic piece of jewelry and extremely personal.  Every stylish person has some signature personal piece.

When I was in middle school I saved up my pennies to buy this sterling silver poison ring with a large black stone from a local hippie shop that used to be downtown.  I thought it was the coolest ring ever because it had a secret compartment!  (Of course, I didn't realize at the time that that compartment was originally for drugs... I mean, I did buy it in a hippie shop called Tumbleweed...)  Eventually I grew out of my poison ring and moved on to more sophisticated pieces.  (Although every now and then my poison ring makes an appearance!  haha)

After my poison ring days, for years my signature piece was a gold cameo ring gifted to me by my parents years ago, but to my absolute dismay my gold cameo ring was "misplaced".  I don't know if it was stolen or just lost in a move, but somehow my precious ring is gone and I'm without a signature piece!  (Oh no!)  For a time I was wearing a Tiffany starfish necklace because I am in love with all things beach and ocean related, but it just didn't feel personal enough and neutral enough to wear everyday, as a signature piece should be.  Cue in this signet ring by Sarah Chloe!  Now I can have my very own!  I love the minimalistic design of this oval shaped signet ring.  Is it wrong to want more than one?!?!  I love the gold ring, but lately I have a soft spot for rose gold.

Which do you like best?

Do you have a signature piece that says something about you and that you wear everyday?

Lana Oval Signet Rings by Sarah Chloe in yellow gold, sterling silver, rose gold