Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Serve Up Some Color

Our effort to make our new apartment into a home that reflects both of us has been a slow process.  The meshing of belongings and clashing of tastes has been quite the journey.  Finding out that we have two sets of everything, which to keep, which to toss, which to store, has been a challenging and fun experience.  We have whittled it down to the big basics.  Now I've been starting to think about little fun accessories to personalize our space.  I, myself, have different styles that I like, different directions that I can envision taking our space in.  I appreciate clean sophisticated lines and neutral colors, but the artistic side of me also longs for painterly mismatched patterns and bright colors.  How shall I mix the two?  Maybe serving bowls like these from Anthropologie would add a nice whimsical touch to our sophisticated palette.  Aren't they charming?  Now I have to convince J that he loves them, too!  Wish me luck!  What man wouldn't love doodled cornflowers on his bowls, right?  ;-)

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