Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shamrockin' Green!

illustration in watercolor
Hello everyone!  Saint Patrick's day is this Saturday.  J and I have a fun weekend planned.  In fact, we have a wedding to go to.  Not the typical celebration that I would have normally envisioned, but it should be a blast.  (Roadtrip!)  This is now the second wedding that I will have gone to in the past couple of months that has landed on a holiday.  I've heard of men proposing to their girlfriends on Valentine's Day, but now people are getting married on holidays?   I know that it is probably less expensive to rent out a place for your reception when your wedding shares a date with a holiday, but is this some new wedding trend that I'm unaware of?  One of my friends told me that she once went to a wedding on Halloween.  The couple had a Halloween theme and everyone went to the wedding in costumes.  Now there's an interesting idea.  I'm a romantic at heart so I don't think I would ever go that route, but I think it is a unique idea.  With your closest friends and family, that could actually be really fun.  She said that everyone drank and danced and had a wonderful time, and the costumes and the theme just made the wedding that much more fun!  I don't think that I'll have to wear green or shamrocks for this shindig, but I guess I could go prepared.  Hahaha!  Have you ever gone to a wedding that landed on a holiday?

Going along with the themes of this post (which I suppose are proposals, weddings, and Saint Patrick's Day...?), I have a good movie suggestion.  I am a hopeless romantic who likes predictable sappy chickflicks.  If you are looking for a cute chickflick to rent this Saint Patty's Day (and it just so happens to also be a leap year) then check this movie out.  The movie is called Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.  It came out in 2010.  It's about a woman who follows her boyfriend to Ireland where he is going for a medical conference.  She travels to Ireland on February 29th to propose to him in following the old Irish tradition of women proposing to men on a leap year, and she has quite the journey, meeting the handsome and snarky Matthew Goode along the way.  ;)

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