Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saturday Night With Iron Matt

I know, I know, this post is a bit overdue... I may have procrastinated a bit... But in my defense, there were a ton of pictures for me to edit and upload onto the band's Facebook page!  This past Saturday night, Big Convention played a gig for Iron Matt at the Indian Hills Country Club.  It was fabulous!  The band sounded hot.  H-O-T!  Dare I say, smokin'?!  The party was for Iron Matt, the Matthew Larson Foundation which raises awareness and funds for the fight against pediatric brain cancer.  You can check out their website here.  The theme of the party was Mardi Gras.  Fun!!!  There were beautiful masks for guests to wear and everyone came dressed to the nines!  Now the still photos came out awesome, but with all the movement, my lack of a tripod, and my complete disdain for the built in flash on my camera, the photos did not come out exactly as I had hoped, clarity-wise.  But you get the gist.  (I cannot wait to get a better camera.)  Then the battery died and I had to take some fuzzy photos with my cell phone...  Can we say BOOTLEG?  Hey, at least we have some pics of the gig for you to enjoy if you missed out on the action Saturday night, right?

There was a table of appetizers, a delicious buffet dinner, and the most incredible dessert setup!  There was a large fountain of chocolate fondue that I wanted to just roll in and splash around in.  There were mini skewers with marshmallows, cake, brownies, strawberries, and other goodies just waiting to go for a dip in the fondue fountain.  There was also a crepe station where a lovely gentleman in a chef's hat and coat created your made-to-order crepe right in front of you, adding whatever berries or chocolate that you wanted, to the crepe!  Amazing!!!!  One just wasn't enough... and I wasn't the only person who thought that!  :P

I've posted some pics from the gig.  I also posted some pics of the Riverside Duo, who opened for Big Convention.  They were fabulous, of course, because Jason is fabulous.  He has a fabulous voice.  He's just fabulous.  Hahaha did I say fabulous enough?  Alright then, fabulous.

Here are some photos of the Riverside Duo doin' there thang.  

The dynamic duo at it again!

I just love the way this photo came out.  I think it's so funny that everything is moving but J's head.  HAHA

And now, for some Big Convention photos and some detailed shots of the gig for you to get into that Mardi Gras state of mind.    ;)

Throw on some beads, and scroll on!

"I'm a daaance, dance, daaaance, dance, dancin' machine!  Watch me get down!  Watch me get down!"

Aaah, a guest singer.

(Pssst!  Isn't that couple just the cutest?!  Awww, adorable!  HAHAHAHA)

"Well Joe, let's see if I can't get a tune out of this trombone."

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