Thursday, March 8, 2012

Iron Matt Vlog Post

Hey there all you happy readers!  Now that you are in the partying Mardi Gras mood from my last post about the Iron Matt gig, I have great news!  Not only am I providing you with eye candy, but here is some candy for your ears!  Those pics I posted were just the teaser.  I actually have videos to share, so here's the good stuff!  Now you can really get into the groove!

Jason and Joe performing at Iron Matt!  The duo sounds great, I love the medley of songs!  And how funny is it when 'Black Swan' pops in with a 'soda'?  Haha the best!  

Another great Jason specialty (with a little cameo by Andy).  This is a great Maroon 5 song, and Jason does a phenomenal job with it!  It's quickly becoming one of my favorites by Big Convention!

When everyone else is dancing and twirling and spinning and jiving on the dance floor, they don't always notice the craziness on the stage!  As you can see, it's always fun up on the band stand!  Haha Big Convention has BIG FUN!!!

This song is my favorite that Jason sings with Big Convention.   This go around was funny though because even the best can have an 'oops' moment!

Walking + Chewing Gum at same time = Bloopers!

The horns take it away at the end of "The Letter"!  Go work the crowd, boys!  Work it, work it!

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