Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun at a Fundraiser

Last night J and I went to the Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County fundraiser concert.  The bar where the concert was held had a nice large section that was well lit for the bands to set up.  Our good friend Joe was singing in a hard rock cover band.  The night was great and the music was upbeat.  The crowd loved every minute of it, especially Joe's rock opera voice!  Earlier in the night there was a dinner buffet for guests, and later into the night volunteers passed out the most adorable, individually wrapped, sugar cookies shaped like houses with the Habitat logo on them.  They were made by some of the children that the organization has helped.  The fundraiser was a huge success!  Habitat for Humanity was able to reach their goal for the night, and the money will go towards their goal of helping to build homes for low-income families.  Wonderful news!

Me, right before leaving for the concert!


"Umm, where'd your hair go?!  Lookin' gooood!"

Here is Joe in action!  You've got to hear the set of pipes on this guy!!!

Cool camera effects!  It's like a rock light show!

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