Monday, March 5, 2012

Artistic Inspiration

I had to follow up my Brooklyn Flea post with an elaboration on one artist that I encountered there in particular.  That artist is Matt Schwartz.  Browsing around the flea market certainly inspired me artistically in ways I haven't been inspired in a long time.  Now, Matt wasn't actually there himself, but his photography was incredible.  I took a card and later looked him up online.  You can visit his site to view more of his work here.  He creates these beautiful image transfers on watercolor paper from polaroid pictures!  They have this whimsical, nostalgic look to them and the subject matter typically walks the fine line between beautiful and erotic.  His work is my new latest obsession.  In addition to the one above, I've posted a few more of his images.

Read on to see some more of my favorite Matt Schwartz photos!

More of Matt's photos!  These are some of my favorites!  As an aspiring surfer myself, I especially love the surfing photos.  Look how incredible!!!  They have this awesome vintage vibe.

Sooooo in looooove.


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