Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Runway Basics Breakdown: Pastels!

The weather has been deceivingly mild in the city this winter.  After one freak snowstorm in the fall it's been relatively smooth sailing.  Yesterday was almost spring-like.  Today, not so much.  The sky was a dark foreboding grey and the wind was howling like a pack of coyotes, slamming against my windows.   I went to walk Riley and I practically blew away.  However, it did get me thinking about spring more seriously.  Wouldn't it be nice to wear something cheerful and light for a change?  As much as I love autumn clothes and accessories, I have reached the point where I am ready for spring fashion.  (Sorry macho men, this is where this post goes girlie...)  One trend that I have noticed all over the spring runways is pastels.  Now for the dilemma.  How does one beyond the age of six wear pastels without looking like an Easter egg wannabe?  Time for a runway basics breakdown:

  • Color - pastel pinks, buttery yellows, lavenders, sky blues, peaches, mint greens
  • Fabrics - You can achieve the trend with a pastel jean, so definitely denim.  I also noticed some satin, chiffon, lace, and metallic accents.  How pretty!  :)
  • Prints & Patterns - Well, not too many prints and patterns here.  I did notice some subtle color-blocking from some designers such as Phillip Lim and Louis Vuitton.
  • Accessories - The theme for accessories was very minimalistic.  Other than a few strategic bangles, models went bare-necked.  Hair was very easy-breezy with low-key ponytails or natural girl-next-door hair and barely-there makeup (with a winged liquid eyeliner here and there).  Mod  sunglasses, simple skinny headbands, and structured solid-colored handbags.
  • Themes - Perhaps there was a bit of a nod to the mod sixties, but in a sweet candy shop sort of way.  Some looks were also tipping the sporty prep scale while others took a more gamine or slightly eclectic approach.
Phillip Lim runway photo via www.style.com

Anyway folks, with the end of New York City Fashion Week, and all of the spring fashion buzz in the air, I found some inspiration for a new tote bag design!  I have been working feverishly on designing new spring and summer totes just for you!  Check them out in the Shop.  I can't wait to hit the beach with mine...

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