Sunday, February 19, 2012

Into the Wild

Yesterday we had errands to run, but as we drove around I managed to snap some of these interesting urban shots. (And one pic of my awesome plum colored bag! Isn't the color divine?  I couldn't resist randomly throwing that in there.) :) I just loved how dramatic the sky looked, and there is something about the boats in the water in front of the skyline that I thought was fun. The graffiti on the truck, although illegal, was pretty cool, really vibrant. However, there were some questionable and laughable moments on our drive...

Read on if you want a good laugh!

Check out the spelling of 'Checks'... I mean 'Chceks'... Now, who wouldn't want to cash or deposit a check here???

Doggie RESORT and SPA? I thought resorts and spas were supposed to be fun and relaxing. Well, I guess you would feel safe here... with the barbed wire above the fence as extra protection. How Zen-like.

Here is a nice view so that you can really get the overall feel.

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