Sunday, February 19, 2012

Comfort Food

Every now and then don't you just crave bad food? I don't mean bad TASTING food. I mean bad FOR YOU food. The food that tastes so good and thick and creamy and heavy that it can't possibly be good for your health. That was my Saturday night. J was getting over some ailment and I was in desperate need of R&R, so we decided it was a good night to cook some bad-for-us food. He made a delicious meatloaf (which was half beef and half turkey, so I guess not all THAT bad...), and I decided to make baked macaroni and cheese! I found this recipe as inspiration, but it was more of a starting off point. Breadcrumbs, spices, eggs, butter, cheese, pasta shells, PRESTO! After about an hour, it smelled amazing and tasted even better! I think the secret was adding in some smoked gouda cheese into the mix. Yes, that was definitely it. Smoked gouda makes everything better. :)

Read on if you want to see pictures of the end results!  If you know me (and my history with cooking) you know you want to read on.  I'm actually becoming pretty gourmet.  Prepare to be amazed!!!

I would never have thought to add in dried mustard, but I think it gave it incredible flavor. What a surprise!

Doesn't butter just = DELICIOUS?! Anything that has butter in it is going to turn out incredible... It's a law of physics. Bland + Butter = Delicious.

(This was the size of the bite I took...)

(No, I'm just kidding... sorta.)

The perfect way to end dinner? Chocolate cupcake.

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