Monday, February 27, 2012

Art for Everyone! Yay, Art Journaling!!!

How cool is this?!  My eyes are overwhelmed!  My brain is on overload!

I just love art journals!  

You can do and say whatever you want and you can choose to share it with others or keep it all for yourself.  It's like this safe place for you to experiment and just reflect, get your thoughts, ideas, and feelings down on paper in all sorts of ways. A place all your own.

art journal page by Traci Bunkers
I have always loved to journal and to sketch.  Recently, I have gotten very into art journaling and I think that it is a tremendously beneficial pastime.  It feels very freeing compared to my usual minimalistic and finite artwork.   I feel pretty passionate about art journaling as a therapeutic creative outlet where you can splash around color and images.  Hopefully in the future I will get to teach a class on it.  One of the prominent art journalists that I find inspirational is Traci Bunkers.  If you are looking for a way to be creative (even if you think you aren't a creative or "artistic" person) then I encourage you to check out some of Traci's journals here on her Flickr photostream.  I've posted some of her journal pages to give you an idea of what art journaling is.  As I finish some of my own pages perhaps I'll post them here to further inspire you!  Grab some gesso, paint (acrylic or watercolor), crayons, pastels, markers, stamps, pictures, gel pens, and glue, and

gEt JoUrNaLiNg!

art journal page by Traci Bunkers

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