Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello Fall!

Hello everyone!  Happy fall!

Things have been very busy these last few months, so forgive my lack of posts!  I hope you are all doing well and staying dry and warm.  Summer is gone and fall is here in full swing.  Halloween arrived, along with Hurricane Sandy, so if you were affected by Sandy like we were, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound in the calm after the storm... and after the nor'easter that followed Sandy and left us with a few inches of snow!!!

After being stuck without power for about a week or so, living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crackers, and dry cereal, I found myself craving something warm and gooey and sweet...  Hmmmm.  The solution?  Crescent rolls of course!

The secret ingredients to make the most delicious desserts?!  Why decadent chocolate of course!  And ooey gooey delicious apples with cinnamon and sugar!  I decided to make a batch of crescent rolls filled with chocolate hazelnut spread, and in honor of fall, a second batch filled with apples that I first cooked on the stovetop with cinnamon and sugar.  After filling the dough and creating a sort of dumpling shape, I coated the crescent rolls in sugar and baked them.   The result?  Pure perfection served with a tall glass of milk.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Red Cadillac

This past Friday night I was at a place called The Red Cadillac It is a cool restaurant/bar/lounge that serves tacos and tequila! The music was wonderful, as always, and I got to nosh on crunchy tortilla chips and salsa, and drink BLUE sangria while relaxing on one of the comfy leather couches!!! (Can you imagine that? BLUE! Groovy.) The Red Cadillac had a hip atmosphere with a red color scheme and an actual red Cadillac car outside the front door. I would definitely go back, and I recommend you try it out for yourself the next time you and your friends have a hankering for tacos and tequila! Here are some snippets from my Instagram. Follow me on Instagram at @nkb117 !

Saturday, July 28, 2012


My latest and greatest investment to date:  Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera!

It is an amazing camera!  Of course, the minute I go in to buy the T3i, the T4i comes out with an attractive touchscreen and new autofocusing capabilities for improvement in shooting videos... But for a significant price difference...  Not worth it for my current purposes.

I am absolutely thrilled to have upgraded FINALLY.  Don't get me wrong, my little Canon Powershot is amazing and has gone above and beyond for me through the years.  My Powershot and I have many many fond memories together through my college years and beyond.  However, now that my photography has slowly dipped a toe outside of the "hobby" category, and I am officially offering some photographic services to various clients (photographing parties/events, headshots, sale items, fine art, etc. if anyone is interested!) I figured this was a worthwhile investment... And someday when I make my millions it will have paid itself off, tenfold.  Until then, it remains a somewhat pricey yet worthwhile investment which will have its great debut this weekend at Big Convention's annual PA gig!  :)

Pictures to follow in the next few days, so stay tuned!  (Perhaps even a video?!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Few Things

A few new things have been in progress and I am pleased to announce some of them today!

First, Ismay & Indigo is officially up and running! If you like fashion, illustration, and comics, you'll get a kick out of this blog. Originally I had intended to create a story blog for teens, but Ismay and Indigo have certainly proven to appeal to people of all ages! The 20-something year old girls with the cool sense of style live in an apartment together outside of NYC and the blog gives readers a peek into their everyday lives. If you are looking for a different type of blog experience, check out Ismay and Indigo at and make sure to follow them on Bloglovin'!

Secondly, I am very proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of NKBshop!!! This is the official shop where I will be selling original art prints, original design canvas tote bags, and more! The shop has two locations.

(also accessible through this blog and my website)


Check out the shop if you want to add whimsical feminine touches to your everyday life!

And as always, thanks for visiting and for your support!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girl's Night!

watercolor, ink, and pencil drawing inspired by the J. Crew July 2012 Style Guide

Happy Thursday!

Here are some recent Instagram shots that I wanted to share with you!  The picture above is of a new watercolor painting that I created.  Debating creating prints to sell in the new shop that I am working on.  What do you think?

The following picture is of the absolutely AMAZING homemade cannoli cream that my sister and I made the other night.  We needed a girls' night calorie-fest desperately!  Now I don't know about you, but we love cheese.  All kinds of cheese, every kind of cheese, so cheese was the theme for the night.  We watched cheesy chickflicks and made a three course meal all incorporating cheese in some capacity.  Here was the menu for the night:

  • Appetizer:  Oven toasted French bread slices drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper, and topped with slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and prosciutto
  • Dinner:  Baked macaroni and cheese
  • Dessert:  Homemade cannoli cream (made with ricotta cheese), served with Stacy's cinnamon and sugar pita chips

Here is the recipe we used, inspired by Alex Guarnaschelli's recipe which you can find here.



  • 2 cups ricotta cheese
  • 3/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips

Directions:   In a medium bowl, stir the ricotta until smooth. Sift in the powdered sugar, and cinnamon. Mix to blend. In a separate bowl (or in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment), beat the heavy cream until fairly stiff (basically, whipped cream!).  Using a rubber spatula, gently fold the cream into the ricotta mixture. Stir in the chocolate chips.  Refrigerate for a half hour to an hour.  Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ismay & Indigo

Indigo (left) and Ismay (right)

Hello people!

So recently I have been talking to my best friend in the whole world about blogs, blogs I love and follow religiously, blogs I write, blog ideas, etc.  I don't want to say too much about it yet, but we have something in the works that I think everyone would enjoy so stay tuned!  Okay, so all of the blogging talk got me thinking about a new blog that I have slowly been developing.  It isn't up and running just yet, but hopefully very soon!  I'd like to take this moment to introduce you to its characters.

Meet Ismay and Indigo.

I've been drawing these same characters for years.  I have always loved comics and fashion illustration, and these girls have worn all sorts of beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories!  I've decided to bring Ismay and Indigo to the web!  (So excited!!!)  They will finally be featured in their own blog at where you will be able to see cute sketches of the girls and their creative fashions, adventures, and captured moments!

Today I completed the above sketch of the girls, and it describes exactly how I feel about babies.  My best friend has been taking care of an adorable baby lately and it got me thinking.  Sometimes I think they are so adorable... other times I think, "What the..."

Check back soon for when I announce the official opening of Ismay & Indigo!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Hello everyone!  Happy Fourth of July!  (I know that it is a day late, but I was having major internet problems yesterday!)  My Independence Day celebration was awesome.  It started with the Mets game in the afternoon.  They lost and they aren't the Yankees, but hey, still a good time.  Haha!  I then spent the evening on a pier across from NYC.  There was heart pumping music, lots of excitement, and crowds of people!  I ate a delicious cheesesteak sandwich and watched the Macy's fireworks over the Hudson River.  What a magnificent display; by far the best in the country in my opinion!  I brought Riley with me, but I don't think he appreciated the show as much as I did.  The loud "booms" sounded like canon ball shots and with every shot fired his tail went down and he tried to stand behind me.  Poor pup.  I ended up holding him for the entire thirty minute show.  How did you spend your holiday?

So I know that I promised everyone Dallas pictures...  I have a really good excuse as to why there are none up yet...  I didn't take many photos while I was there!  I ended up taking a few pics with my cell phone, but they didn't come out as good as I would have liked them to.  I had an amazing time in Dallas despite my lack of photographic proof!  The weather was extremely hot and dry, but I didn't let that get me down!  I went to a Texas Rangers baseball game against the Tigers at the ballpark in Arlington, learned how to play a new card game (and rocked it btw), went swimming on a rooftop, saw Jersey Boys (AMAZING!!!), went to a genuine honky tonk bar that even featured a round old man in a plaid shirt with a big belt buckle and a cowboy hat doing a little shuffle dance, drank some nice Lone Star beer, and more!  Jeff was the perfect host!  Thanks Jeff!  I can't wait to see you again soon!  Providence perhaps?!  (If you are interested in seeing the Broadway tour of Jersey Boys [Tour 2 features Brad Weinstock as Frankie Valli] then check out their schedule here.)

Hope summer is treating you well!  Stay cool everyone!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Howdy Ya'll!

I am extremely jealous of everyone who has an iPhone.  I want one so badly, but I still have a few months to wait before I can get one.  My friend has one and is obsessed with Instagram.  I would be too... If I had it on my Droid!  So to hold me over I've been playing with different camera features on my Droid.  Here are some snapshots of me getting ready for different things on different nights.  Haha I know, interesting right?  Sorry, I've been really busy this week packing!  I will have some more interesting posts soon because I have a trip coming up!  Tomorrow I am headed to Dallas!  I've never been to Dallas, but I hear it's fun.  I'm going to visit my long time friend who is currently staying there for a few weeks for work.  I CAN'T WAIT!

Talk to you soon from Texas!

Art Takes Times Square!

This past Monday (June 18th) was the Art Takes Times Square exhibition!  It was amazing to see everyone's artwork on gigantic billboards in Times Square, New York City!  There was a brass band playing, artists illustrating canvas tote bags (which I took a particular interest in for obvious reasons) and much more!  Here are a few snapshots from the exhibition and a few as we walked the length of Times Square, sat on the red steps with the lights in them (which I still don't ever remember seeing before haha), and sipped a fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice.

(Sidebar: I definitely prefer Maui Wowi's smoothies.  Get a strawberry banana one and you'll fall over from amazement and disbelief at how delicious it is.  I promise.)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello Weekend!

Finally the rain has cleared and it's gorgeous outside today!  It really is summer already, isn't it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Big Convention has an upcoming gig on Saturday night at Blue Moon Cafe in Wyckoff, so stay tuned for some more band photos.  It's Ashley's last night with the band before she goes on tour!  Come out and celebrate with us!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don't Be A Dud

When you feel blue, wear red!

I've been feeling blue lately, so I'm going to do just that.  Red is one of my favorite colors and whenever I wear red it makes me feel good.  Strong.  I'm going to wear a lot more red this summer... starting with these red shorts by RSQ.  Or maybe I'll go fancy and try this sateen version by Celebrity Pink.  :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Ring With Signet - ficance!

I've been dreaming about this ring for a long time.  My mother had one.  Hers was gold, with a thin delicate band, and elongated plate with her scripted initials engraved on it.  The elongated plate had the most delicate gold design laced around it.  It was elegant and feminine.  A signet ring is a classic piece of jewelry and extremely personal.  Every stylish person has some signature personal piece.

When I was in middle school I saved up my pennies to buy this sterling silver poison ring with a large black stone from a local hippie shop that used to be downtown.  I thought it was the coolest ring ever because it had a secret compartment!  (Of course, I didn't realize at the time that that compartment was originally for drugs... I mean, I did buy it in a hippie shop called Tumbleweed...)  Eventually I grew out of my poison ring and moved on to more sophisticated pieces.  (Although every now and then my poison ring makes an appearance!  haha)

After my poison ring days, for years my signature piece was a gold cameo ring gifted to me by my parents years ago, but to my absolute dismay my gold cameo ring was "misplaced".  I don't know if it was stolen or just lost in a move, but somehow my precious ring is gone and I'm without a signature piece!  (Oh no!)  For a time I was wearing a Tiffany starfish necklace because I am in love with all things beach and ocean related, but it just didn't feel personal enough and neutral enough to wear everyday, as a signature piece should be.  Cue in this signet ring by Sarah Chloe!  Now I can have my very own!  I love the minimalistic design of this oval shaped signet ring.  Is it wrong to want more than one?!?!  I love the gold ring, but lately I have a soft spot for rose gold.

Which do you like best?

Do you have a signature piece that says something about you and that you wear everyday?

Lana Oval Signet Rings by Sarah Chloe in yellow gold, sterling silver, rose gold

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mets Game

Thanks to some good friends, I hit up the Mets game tonight! Amazing seats, field level! Too bad the Mets didn't win though! I'm just reminded of why I am a Yankee fan haha! (not that they are doing that well lately either, as my Red Sox buddy so kindly reminded me haha)  Here are some fun pics from the game that I am posting as I sit at the game! Woohooooo! LET'S GO METS!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Goings On

Hola everyone. I'm sorry to have left you for about a month... I've had a lot happen these past few weeks and I was not able to post.

I wanted to say a quick thank you to all who attended the arts and crafts fair! Many of you placed orders for portraits, prints, and bags while at the fair, but remember you can always place orders on my website as well! Just contact me!

As for things going on today, well not much, nothing very eventful at least. I taught my final art class for the school year. That was fun. I made the kids chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles. I don't know what it is about chocolate covered marshmallows, but kids can't resist them. They always ask me for the recipe like it's some magical secret. (Which I shall take to the grave! Muahahahaaaa!)

Today I went fishing. Not for fish though. I had to fish a bobby pin from out of a big bag of hair accessories to save my hair day. Desperate times call for desperate measures friends! Before going to class my hairdryer died. It was a subtle death. Usually I buy dryers from the drugstore with descent reputations by brands like Revlon and they last for years and when it is finally time for them to kick the bucket, they do so in an explosive and violent manner with blue sparks shooting out the back and a curl of black smoke creeping from the vent... Not this dryer. Not this cheaply made, over-priced, really pretty, fancy named dryer with zero brand credibility. This dryer just passed away silently, leaving behind nothing but a bad smell. Greeeeat. Guess I'll use that Target gift card from one of my students to fish out a new hairdryer. Hopefully one made by Revlon.

Or maybe I'll finally cave in and invest in a nice T3 dryer. Waaaah, I'm going to be forced to buy a nice new hairdryer. Boy, such terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news. Shucks.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Mooooooo!  <--- (Order from this link so knows that Nikki's Scrapbook sent you!)

Just a quick post to tell you about!  Being an artist, I absolutely love paper products!  Love them!  So when I came across this company I just had to tell you about them!  I have ordered business cards and mini cards from them in the past, so I can honestly say from experience that this company offers some of the most unique and innovative products as far as self-promotion goes!  The quality of their paper is wonderful and they offer many options to choose from to make your business cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc. that much more personal!  Their website is also full of great inspiring ideas to browse through!

Hooray for quality paper!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

The words "Don't worry, be happy!" are playing through my mind today.  I think this is one of many great mantras to repeat and live by.  It is human nature to worry about the unknown, about the future, but it is more important to spend less time worrying and more time taking action and being happy... Living life to the fullest!  Life has a funny way of working itself out.  Lately, it seems like life has been throwing curveballs to many people I know.  In addition to the happy songs, I offer these words of encouragement!  The philosopher W.W. Bartley once wrote:

For every ailment under the sun
There is a remedy, or there is none;
If there be one, try to find it;
If there be none, never mind it.
What is meant to be, will be, so let's repeat these words to ourselves and get out there and be happy!

(How could you not be happy today?  It's almost Friday!)  ;-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

California Dreaming

Where did spring go?

We had the most beautiful week of warm spring, truthfully more like summer, weather.  Then it rained and now it's cold!  Cold?!  So unfair...  What a tease.  I have a good friend who relocated to the golden coast a few years ago.  What I wouldn't give to be out in sunny LA with my toes in the sand and palm trees dancing in the cool breeze off of the Pacific ocean. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Show Your Support!!! :)

Nicole Berger    <---Click this link, then click "Collect Me"!

original digital fashion illustration
(All images are protected by copyright and may not be copied, used, or distributed without the permission of the artist.)

Hey everyone!  I am entering into this art competition for an exhibit in Times Square and I am very excited about it!  Click on "Collect Me" on the page linked above to help show your support!

I appreciate your support and am so grateful to you, my precious readers!  Just a reminder that if you haven't already, follow me on Bloglovin' and Google Blogger!


Serve Up Some Color

Our effort to make our new apartment into a home that reflects both of us has been a slow process.  The meshing of belongings and clashing of tastes has been quite the journey.  Finding out that we have two sets of everything, which to keep, which to toss, which to store, has been a challenging and fun experience.  We have whittled it down to the big basics.  Now I've been starting to think about little fun accessories to personalize our space.  I, myself, have different styles that I like, different directions that I can envision taking our space in.  I appreciate clean sophisticated lines and neutral colors, but the artistic side of me also longs for painterly mismatched patterns and bright colors.  How shall I mix the two?  Maybe serving bowls like these from Anthropologie would add a nice whimsical touch to our sophisticated palette.  Aren't they charming?  Now I have to convince J that he loves them, too!  Wish me luck!  What man wouldn't love doodled cornflowers on his bowls, right?  ;-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up!

As I sipped my coffee and ate my cereal this morning, I looked out the window aaaannnddd...

drip, drip, drip, drip...

"Grey skies are gonna clear up!  Put on a happy face!"

I know that rain is a necessary part of the cycle, but I hate getting my feet wet, in the literal sense of course.  Thank goodness I got new sneakers!  My old sneakers were great.  They were lightweight brown mesh Puma sneakers that made my foot look so slim!  (How lovely!)  However, they did not like going out into rain... My new sneakers are wonderful though!  They are so comfortable and stylish and only get better with a little wear-and-tear.  If you have not owned a pair of Superga sneakers yet, you are missing out!  Years ago I went on a search for my beloved Supergas.  I dragged my mother around with me on a sneaker hunt.  I was obssessed --- no, scratch that, determined --- to find these treasures!  Have you ever felt this urge to find the perfect 'something' that you just felt you had to have?  That little something special that just would not allow you to rest until you found it?  (I'm not alone in that feeling, am I?..)  We ended up in some pretty obscure shady shoe stores and left without Superga sneakers in linen Sand, size 37.5.  Well, it only took a few years, but I finally found them!  Recently, Superga sneakers have been popping up all over the place!  I ordered them on my dear!  I love Zappos because they have no tax and free shipping with no minimum!  And returns/exchanges are also free shipping!  Woohoooo!  A shoe-dream come true!  Now I have a pair of canvas Supergas in white, and as far as footwear is concerned, I couldn't be happier.  :-)

Friday, April 20, 2012

I've Got Friday Night Fever!

Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick in Pink Petal

I am excited that it's Friday.  SO excited.

As I've mentioned in my last few posts, I have been quite busy.  However, tonight I am headed to the Allendale Bar & Grill to see Big Convention, meet up with my cousin Lori, and take photos of the band!  If we're lucky, she may even sit in on a few songs because she has an AMAZING voice!  Who knows... Maybe I'll bust out the ol' sax-a-ma-phoooone.  (If you're lucky! hahahaha! :-P )  If you are in the area come on over and check them out!  The address of the bar is here.  Hope to see you there!

I love Smashbox products.  I've used their various primers, brighteners, and lipglosses so I can honestly say that they make a great product.  The colors are fabulous and on-trend, the formulas are smooth not sticky, and they last.  I haven't had the pleasure of trying their Be Lengendary line of lipsticks, but I love this hot pink color.  I definitely feel inspired to wear hot pink lips tonight for the gig.  Maybe in a lipstain though, just in case I do bring my saxophone.  (Nothing grosser than a lipstick-stained reed...)

Now, what to wear, what to wear...

Riley "Hearts" You!

Hello everyone!

Like I said in my last post, I am very sorry for my recent lack of posts!  I have a fun little gem to share with you today!  Isn't he just precious?!?!  :-)

As you already know, I am crazy about my pup, Riley.  I've been bringing him to visit his Grammy (aka my mother haha) for some calming "pet therapy" as she recovers from her eye surgeries.  He's really good at pet therapy because he is soft and cuddly and absolutely adorable and tons of fun to play with. 

He always makes me smile so I just had to spread the smiles with you.  :-)

Have a happy day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I know it seems as though I have been Missing In Action lately... I have been busy busy busy in helping my mom out after yet another surgery and working on some illustrations for the upcoming arts fair that I am participating in!  I promise to post more in about two weeks!  In the meantime, as the band photographer for Big Convention, I will be editing new band photos for the Facebook page.  Check them out soon!

Thanks!  I hope everyone is well!

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Illustration!

Greetings, readers!

I'm so sorry for being MIA lately, but I've been taking care of my mother after her surgery so I have not had much time to post.  Hopefully next week I can start posting regularly again!

I just wanted to make a quick post to show you my latest illustration that is for sale.  If you are interested in buying any prints, or the original paintings, check out my website (link above) and you can view the most current fashion illustrations!  On May 5th I will be selling original tote bags, original art prints, and hopefully some original hand painted pillows at an arts & craft fair.  I will post more information about that as it gets closer!  Exciting!

For now, enjoy the preview below!  I absolutely adore the accessories in this illustration!  The hat and gloves are so glamorous, don't you think?  :)

This image, and all images found on this site and affiliated sites, are protected by copyright law, and may NOT be copied, used, or distributed without permission from the artist.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome Spring!

Hello all!  I'm sorry for the lack of posts these past few days.  I didn't forget about you!  I've been very busy with a few things that I will be sure to share with you soon.  I have some more illustrations that I have been working on, things for the flea markets and craft fairs that will be coming up hopefully soon, and my mom had to have a corneal transplant so I have been staying with her for a few days and helping her out.

I promise, more juicy posts in the next few days!  Ok?  :)

In the meantime, stop slumping over your computer and go outside and enjoy the sunshine!  The weather is incredible!  I can't believe that winter is over and it is officially spring!  I feel like I am still waiting for the big snow to come and spring just sprang up on me out of no where!  I did not like turning my clock an hour ahead for Daylight Saving Time, but I do appreciate the extra sunlight!  In fact, I have two days in the year that are my favorite.  I'm not talking about holidays or birthdays or anything like that.  I'm talking about two actual days in the year.  Those two days are after Daylight Saving Time when we turn the clocks back an hour and I gain an extra hour in the night, and the summer solstice when we have the longest day of sunlight in the year.  This year the summer solstice lands on June 20th!  I'm going to plan something really special this year to celebrate!  Any ideas?  :)

This diagram was found here.  It demonstrates the position of the sun during the summer solstice,   Notice that the arc of the sun rises higher and higher from the winter solstice, through the vernal equinox in spring, to the summer solstice.  The summer solstice marks when the sun is positioned highest in the sky.  After the summer solstice, it starts to lower again, through the autumnal equinox, and back to the winter solstice (when it is lowest in the sky).

Here is a map of the world showing where people recognize daylight saving time, where they no longer use it, and where it was never used.  It is interesting how the majority of the actual population don't use it anymore.  Personally, I like having it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Penn State Forever! Vlog Post

This past weekend was full of fun and old friends.  If you went to Penn State, or just love Penn State, you will love this video!  Prepare to feel warm and fuzzy and nostalgic as you join these Penn State Alumni and fraternity brothers in a spontaneous performance at a wedding of a fellow Penn Stater!

Monday, March 19, 2012

May The Road Rise Up To Meet You

Saturday was wonderful.  I met a lot of J's old college cronies and friends that he grew up with at the wedding.  Two Irish families joining together for a Saint Patrick's Day wedding?  Now that spells out a good time.  The food was delicious and so was the music!  There was plenty of dancing and laughing and reminiscing.  Here are a couple of snapshots from the wedding before my camera decided to stop working!

I just love this woven metallic clutch.  The pewter color is divine and the interior lining is so special!  I love that it is not super shiny and bright, but provides just enough of that extra something.  The perfect accessory to my LBD for this morning wedding!
The church was pretty.  I liked that it was a mix of modern and traditional.  The shape and details of the church itself, the structure, the shape of the windows, the lighting fixtures, everything felt modern, yet the crucifix and the idea of stained glass and the classic shape of the church was very traditional.  The natural light that poured in through the stained glass windows created a beautiful and other-worldly atmosphere.

Being Penn State Alumni, what's a wedding without a Nittany Lion drink-pouring ice sculpture?  True art.  Haha.

A harpist at the reception?  Beautiful and certainly different!

An Irish toast to the bride and groom with a little bubbly!

This was the name of the table that we sat at.  I like that our table had a name rather than a number.  What a nice detail.  :)  Makes everything feel a little warmer, doesn't it?

This salad was amazing!  I love salads that mix fresh fruit and cheese in with dark crunchy greens.  Delicious!

Prime rib dinner that melted in your mouth like butter with string beans and peppers and the most adorable potatoes shaped like mushrooms.  I'm not sure why they were shaped that way... aesthetics perhaps?  Well, whatever, they were amazing.
And of course, the cake!  What a unique design!  The tiers looked exactly like staggered boxes with beautiful green satin ribbons along the bottoms.  Inside was a chocolate and vanilla marble cake, but they also served a variety of other cakes such as Oreo cake, lemon cake, chocolate mousse cake, etc.  Simply delicious!